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Connect to others

You can connect directly with other members of NHS Networks to share documents and other information with them.

  1. Click on "all content" beside the search at the top and select "people" to use the people finder.
  2. When you've found someone to connect to, click on the link to go to their page.
  3. Click on the "Connect" link on the left to send a connection request.
  4. If your request is accepted, you'll get an email informing and the person's name will appear in "Your details" under "Your connections".
Hidden info

If a heading appears to be empty, it may still have extra hidden information. Click on the heading, and if there is more to see, the new information will appear underneath.

For all headings like this, your cursor will change into the pointer finger when your mouse is over it.

Connect icons

There are various connection icons for Networks and personal connections used throughout the site. If you're not sure what they mean, hold your mouse still over them, and you'll get a small "tooltip" telling you want the icon stands for.


If you have a particular interest in commissioning, there's a special Zone within NHS Networks called the Commissioning Zone, which contains hundreds of documents and links relevant to all aspects of commissioning, along with a special search for finding information from within the Zone.

Find the Commissioning Zone here...

Helpful people

Networks is full of helpful people. To help you identify them, every contribution you make to the site is totted up and adds to your Networks rank. So if you come across an Outstanding Contributor or Networks Guru on a forum, you know they've been around Networks a long time and have generally made a lot of helpful contributions.