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Yorkshire & Humber Wheelchair Managers Group

Yorkshire & Humber Wheelchair Managers Forum
Yorkshire & Humber Wheelchair Managers Forum (less...)
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Yorkshire and the Humber NHS Bereavement Managers Network
A professional network for hospital bereavement service managers
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E-Consultations (NHS Yorkshire and the Humber)
Electronic Clinician-to-Clinician Advice Service (E-consultations) A number of sites across Yorkshire and the Humber have implemented clinician-to-clinician ...
Keywords: ('shared', 'contactless', 'electronic', 'advice', 'referral')
North East, Yorkshire and the Humber forum for NICE leads
An informal forum for people with responsibilities for implementing NICE guidance. The aims are to: 1. Share positive practice, experiences and ...
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North East, North Cumbria, Yorkshire and Humber ESR BI Reporting Regional SIG
The North East, North Cumbria, Yorkshire and Humber ESR Regional BI Reporting SIG is for staff using ESR BI to learn about, share and discuss developments as ...
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North Yorkshire & Humber Local Eye Health Network
The LEHN aims to inform and support the implementation of national strategy and policy at a local level, work with key stakeholders on the development and ...
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Yorkshire and Humber Anticoagulant Pharmacy Group
To support the membership in delivering local and national anticoagulant management strategies by sharing good practice between secondary care Trusts in the ...
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Yorkshire and Humber Antimicrobial Pharmacists
Yorkshire and Humber Antimicrobial Pharmacist network aims to supoort it's membership in delivering local Trust infection management strategies
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Yorkshire and Humber Children's Continuing Care Forum
The forum meets 2 monthly to discuss issues related to children's continuing care across the region, including benchmarking and equity.
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Yorkshire and Humber Congenital Heart Disease Operational Delivery Network
The Yorkshire and Humber Congenital Heart Disease Operational Delivery Network aims to ensure that patients have access to the highest quality of CHD care, ...
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Yorkshire and Humber Paediatric Respiratory Network
A place to network for paediatricians and members of the multidisciplinary team across the Yorkshire and Humber to discuss and find resources for respiratory ...
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