Where are you on the map of respiratory care? - Atlas of Variation just launched

Monday, 24 September 2012

The variation in respiratory care and outcomes across the country has been pulled together into a Respiratory Atlas of Variation by the NHS RightCare team. This is now available to download from the NHS RightCare website.

Where are you on the map of respiratory care? - Atlas of Variation just launched

“…an individual’s chance of being admitted or readmitted to hospital as an emergency, of receiving appropriate treatment, of dying from lung disease or even of being diagnosed in the first place differs according to where they live..

..much of the variation highlighted in the Respiratory Disease Atlas is unwarranted.. after adjusting for population differences, if all the PCTs in England were to achieve the COPD mortality rates of the best-performing PCTs, around 7,800 lives would be saved each year.”
                    - introduction to the Respiratory Atlas of Variation.


The Respiratory Atlas of Variation covers 20 indicators across COPD, Asthma, Pneumonia, Sleep disorders, Bronchiolitis, respiratory prescribing and smoking cessation. 

It is not just a collection of data but is a tool to drive change and improve outcomes for people with respiratory disease. 

For each indicator achievement is mapped for all PCTs in England. 

Each map is accompanied by a narrative which describes:

There are also series of case studies provide examples of what commissioners and clinicians around the country are doing to improve outcomes 

> Read more about the Respiratory Atlas of Variation on the NHS RightCare website 


Printed copies of the Atlas of Variation for People with Respiratory Disease can be ordered free via the Right Care website. 

You can use this route to order bulk copies for local use. Please complete the online form at: http://www.rightcare.nhs.uk/index.php/nhs-atlas/respiratory-atlas-order-form/