New data tool gives Asthma information at CCG level

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The INHALE team have released a new data tool giving information at CCG level which highlights significant variation in the way patients are diagnosed and treated

New data tool gives Asthma information at CCG level

The INHALE data tool (available through has three main elements:

The Asthma Data Atlas:

Data for each CCG in England are assembled in the form of an interactive map so it is easy to see the geographical variation, and trends over time. A useful facility allows users to compare one measure with another so relationships between measures can be visualised.

> Go to the Asthma Data Atlas


Asthma Spine Charts:

Data for all CCGs in England are benchmarked against the England value making it possible to see whether a CCG is significantly higher, lower or similar to the England value. Spine charts are interactive so that comparison of more than one CCG is possible, and data for all indicators are displayed so that a quick overview of the asthma care pathway is possible.

> Go to the Asthma Spine charts


Asthma 'Tartan Rug':

A short pictorial report - with 'red, amber, green' markers to show how each particular CCG compares with the national average and other comparable areas.

> Go to the Asthma 'Tartan Rug'