Improving Adult Asthma Care - the case for change

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

This guide draws together the evidence and learning from the work undertaken by the national asthma improvement projects undertaken by NHS Improvement.

Improving Adult Asthma Care - the case for change

Asthma is a respiratory condition that affects approximately three million people in the UK. Recorded prevalence is around 5.9% but estimates suggest the true figure could be nearer 10% - one of the highest in the world. The cost to the NHS is put at around £1 billion with the majority of the spending on respiratory medications and about £61 million on emergency admissions .

Variation in the provision of asthma services and non-compliance with gold standard guidelines increases the potential for poor quality outcomes and waste.

For example, when looking at medicines use it has been estimated that anywhere between 45 and 70% of asthma medications are wasted through non-adherence and lack of effective inhaler technique.

 NHS Improvement – Lung worked with clinical teams across England supporting them in identifying, testing and implementing the changes needed to their asthma service in order to have the greatest impact on the patient pathway and improve the care for their patients.

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