Detailed COPD Commissioning Toolkit launched by DH (2 Aug 2012)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A toolkit has been developed to support commissioners - ’how to’ manual for commissioners covering a number of critical steps in the COPD patient pathway.

Detailed COPD Commissioning Toolkit launched by DH (2 Aug 2012)

The toolkit does much of the hard work in the commissioning process - such as the development of best practice specifications and costing tools - enabling a commissioner to spend more time having informed discussions with providers about service delivery and focusing on matters that will make the most difference to patients, rather than process or bureaucracy

The toolkit makes the clinical and financial case for four key steps in the patient pathway, showing how they can deliver improved outcomes for patients.  It is the latest in the suite of documents to support the delivery of the Outcomes Strategy for COPD & Asthma.

As part of the toolkit are service specifications for 

There are also costing tools for Spirometry & Assessment, Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Home Oxygen Assessment & Review, together with guidance on their operation.

> Read more about the toolkit and download the materials from the DH website