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Why do a mother and baby have to move to another hospital?

If it is known that your baby is going to be born early or is going to need some form of advanced equipment or highly specialised treatment from the moment they are born, staff will start to make plans to admit your baby to a hospital which provides the right level of neonatal care.  Hopefully, this will be your local hospital but unfortunately this is not always the case as not every hospital has the equipment and staff to care for the smallest and sickest babies.  If treatment for your baby is going to be given at another hospital, staff will recommend that mum is transferred to the other hospital before she gives birth so the specialist neonatal team are available from the moment of birth and your baby receives the best possible care.

If mum is not transferred before she gives birth (or baby unexpectedly needs treatment which cannot be given at your local hospital) your baby will be transported to the other hospital by ambulance in a specialised incubator and will be cared for throughout their journey by a specially trained team of staff.  You will be able to see your baby before they leave and you will be given full details about where your baby is being taken.  Although hospitals try to care for both mum and baby in the same location this is not always possible but every effort will be made to bring baby back to your local hospital as soon as they are strong enough.