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West Yorkshire Stroke Assessment Nurses Network (WYStANN)

A peer support group for nursing staff working in the acute part of the stroke pathway
A peer support group for nursing staff working in the acute part of the stroke pathway (less...)
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West Yorkshire Cardiovascular Network
A local ‘organisation’ made up of Clinicians, Managers and Commissioners from Primary Care Trusts, Acute Trusts (including Tertiary Care) and the Ambulance ...
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Co-commissioning – West Yorkshire
Shared pages to develop the framework for co-commissioning in West Yorkshire.
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Pharmacy LPN West Yorkshire
Local Professional Networks have been established for Pharmacy, Dental and Eye Health within each Area Team. LPNs will : Support the implementation of national ...
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West Yorkshire appraisers
A forum for appraisers linked to the NHS England (West Yorkshire) Appraisal and Revalidation team
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West Yorkshire Eye Health Network
Network for eye health across West Yorkshire, ensuring high quality care, reducing health inequalities and service variation
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West Yorkshire & Harrogate Streamlining
Streamlining is about working collaboratively to embed and deliver consistency through HR best practice and excellence. It’s about delivering a quality ...
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West Yorkshire O&G Support
The website for the West Yorks O&G Supporters Scheme
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CNAHP Stroke
Consultant Nurse and Allied Health Professionals working in Stroke in the UK
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South London Cardiovascular and Stroke Network
The South London Cardiac and Stroke Network links patients, GPs, commissioners and providers for improved patient outcomes.
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Yorkshire Orthogeriatrics Special Interest Group
Yorkshire Orthogeriatrics Special Interest Group
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