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West Midlands Deputy Chief Pharmacist Network

Peer support and collaboration for all Deputy Chief Pharmacists working within secondary care within the West Midlands.
Peer support and collaboration for all Deputy Chief Pharmacists working within secondary care within the West Midlands. (less...)
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Great North Paediatric Pharmacist Network
Hospital Pharmacists from the North of England with specialist interest in paedaitrics and neonates. Primarily from the following Trusts: Northumbria, ...
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Greater Manchester Primary Care Antibiotic Pharmacist Network
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National ILD Pharmacist Network
Pharmacist network for those specialising in interstitial lung disease and for those interested in this patient cohort
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Neurology Specialist Pharmacist Group
A networking group for neurology specialist pharmacists and place to share information and ideas
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North London Antimicrobial Pharmacist Group (NLAPG)
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Ophthalmic Pharmacist's Group
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Specialist Dermatology Pharmacist Network
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Trauma & Orthopaedics (T&O) Pharmacist Network
Network for T&O pharmacists to discuss clinical topics.
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Trauma Pharmacist Network UK
A network of pharmacists specialising and interested in major trauma and surgery. For discussion of best practice guidance and local policies.
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NW Alliance Chief Operating Officers
The NW Alliance is a subscription-based network for the Directors/Chief Operating Officers of the 24 community health provider services throughout the NW ...
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