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The big population health conversation

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The big population health conversation

The King's Fund are holding a free online conference to help people support healthier lives. It is on 18th September 10am - 4pm but I believe you can join in for certain parts that are relevant to your role.

Session three (3-4pm) looks particularly interesting: "Bringing it all together to tackle health inequalities"

This free-to-attend virtual conference focuses beyond health and social care to areas where there is untapped potential for local and national action to support healthier lives. We will explore how a wide range of organisations – across local government, the voluntary sector, the private sector and local communities – have it within their power to improve people’s health.

Through a series of three hour-long online events, you will hear how local areas are making positive strides in improving the social determinants of health and wellbeing by joining up health and care, leisure, housing, transport, town planning, employment, welfare and education.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the conversation to find out more about your role in driving forward population health and how to build relationships with other key partners across the system.

For more information: https://www.kingsfund.org.uk/events/big-population-health-conversation#programme

To register: https://www.workcast.com/register?cpak=3404806939075394

I hope some of you are able to join.