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'Now That’s What I Call Behaviour Change' - The Greatest Hits and the Newest Interventions

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'Now That’s What I Call Behaviour Change' - The Greatest Hits and the Newest Interventions

Webinar 1pm, Thursday June 11th

Speaker: Graham Gardiner, Chief Executive at Age UK Lambeth

Speaker: Mark Cummings, 'One You' Locality Lead at Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust

Chair: Graham Rushbrook, chair of the RSPH Behaviour Change Special Interest Group and member of the NICE Public Health Advisory Committee Programme

This webinar will give an overview of the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to deliver effective behaviour change interventions. It will consider how social prescribing can contribute to behaviour change that is rooted in empowering the individual and helping them to make informed choices.

There will be a description of how the principles can be used in a range of services, including the voluntary sector, to support self management of health conditions and positive health behaviour change. The webinar will also include the development of the Linkworker Role within Primary Care Networks.

This free webinar will be a timely reminder of basic behaviour change principles, with examples of how they can be used successfully. The webinar has been designed for practitioners, employers, commissioners but will also be essential viewing for anybody interested in health behaviour change.

Sign up for this webinar today and hear from experts in the behaviour change sector.

If you can't make the time of the webinar delivery, you can still sign up as it will be available for a further 24 hours for those who have registered.