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November 13. 2015
lynn corbett

My Trust has purchased IPC and Doctor (Closing the Loop), I'm keen to hear from other trust that have they sucessfully deployed these modules or are in the process.  many thanks

March 17. 2016
roman hausner

Hi Lynn,

My Trust have successfully deployed VP nurse and are in preparation of rolling out VP doctor (closing the loop will follow later). Where are you in deployment process?



March 18. 2016
Lynette Williams

Shrewsbury and Telford would be interested to learn if anyone is successfully using VP Doctor and how easy users find it to use.

March 18. 2016
Allyson Wren

Hi. This latest version of VP Doctor is much improved and the added functionality of VTE assessments and invasive line insertions is a big bonus. We have had this module for quite some time but never quite got 'closing the loop' off the ground due to initial technical issues and then struggling with engagement. Early versions were seen to be of limited benefit to users but the enhancements are helping to change this thinking.

April 26. 2016
William Ellwood

We're presently testing v3.1 with plans to roll out VP doctor soon after. I understand we had glitch between VP and Medway, that didn't keep track of changes of consultant in Medway - which would stop VP doctor to a degree. 

So no-ones using closing the loop yet?

April 27. 2016
Margaret Eaton

We have re localised to V3.2 due to problems when testing v3.1 which were not fixed so we did not ever use that version and remain on v2 at the moment.We have also localised the ED module for our Trust but again now have to wait for delivery of v 3.2 for user acceptance testing and roll out to the wards before testing the ED module. We would be grateful for any feedback from anyone further down this path.

We would also like to begin using vp Doctor once we start using v3.2 and would be grateful for any feedback from Trusts using this.

 I only ever heard of 1 Trust who used closing the loop and they had to bleep the Doctors to let them know to access their devices due to loss of connectivity and no automatic reconnection 

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