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VP Maternity Module

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March 11. 2016
Lisa Brinkman

Hi All

I was wondering if anyone has successfully rolled out the VP Maternity Module yet?

March 18. 2016
Allyson Wren

Hi Lisa

Here at East Kent, we do not have the maternity module although it does come up for discussion periodically. Only this week it was mentioned that it did not fulfil the requirements of maternity services, possibly due to the EWS but not sure if there was anything additional. Does your Trust have it? Regards. Allyson

March 18. 2016
Lisa Brinkman

Hi Allyson

No we do not have it yet but a business case has been approved. When we originally looked at the module when we were purchasing VitalPAC Nurse it was decided that it wasn't fit for purpose as you weren't able to input the baby's data so you would end up using two different methods of recording. I was hoping that improvements had been made to make it a viable module to purchase. Regards. Lisa.

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