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September 14. 2011
Phil Collis

Hi everyone,

David has asked me to become the administrator for the handbooks that we are working on.

Could everyone involved please email me to let me know what role people have in the handbooks development?

We can then assess how to take things forward?

David has said that he would like the EOL Handbook ready for full distribution by mid November,  if this is agreeable with everyone I think it would be a good idea to put target completion dates together to ensure we meet this deadline.

This is my email address: philipcollis@gmail.com

Telephone 0785 285 6498

Thanks for everyone's help the prototype looked really good in format at the event at on Monday - could you let me know who is collating the comments and suggestions for what we should include/exclude?

thanks all speak to you soon


September 16. 2011

if you click on Docs then New Members 2 this gives you a list of email addresses 

September 16. 2011

The toolbox can also issue general mails to the whole group

September 19. 2011
joanne starkie

Hi Phil

Thanks for the message - I am the Quality & Involvement Manager for adult social care at Tower Hamlets Local Authority, and my role is to provide support with text for the Handbooks on social care, and support with promoting the Handbooks to social care users.

In terms of text, we've just last week had some new publications printed which give general info on social care.  I'll email this across to David and yourself in case you want to "lift" any text from this, and to see if there is any extra text on social care that you'd like to see?


Joanne Starkie

( joanne.starkie@towerhamlets.gov.uk )

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