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About us

We are here to provide discussion groups and a single point of contact for anyone interested in successful deployment of telemedicine solutions. Our aim is to provide examples of how people have already implemented this technology and to assist those who have an interest in its applications.

As a Network, we intend to raise the general knowledge level of healthcare professionals so that decisions on telemedicine technology implementations are based on real world scenarios.

Our founding members' experience is available to all interested qualified parties.
There is a knowledge base throughout the NHS of clinicians of all disciplines who are successfully using telemedicine to improve the quality of patient care, and we provide discussion groups and forums so that questions can be answered and advice offered by people who have done what you are trying to do, and have done it effectively.
We aim to offer any advice in a vendor-independent manner, as each potential user has their own specific requirement. This is not to say that no member has their own opinion on any specific technology or vendor however!