The Older Persons Services National Practice Development Programme

Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Older Persons Services National Practice Development Programme was undertaken across 20 Care homes in Ireland. Professors Jan Dewing and Brendan McCormack have conducted a two-year study that involved implementing a person-centred model of care by training care home staff to become co-researchers.

The aim of the programme was to  implement person-centred practice across care homes and to evaluate the process. The results of the study show that involving staff in research improves staff morale, confidence and their general opinion of how the care home operates and delivers care.


Person-centred approach: Based on mutual respect and understanding, the resident and others significant to them are at the centre of decision making. Care is focused on discovering and acting on what is important to the resident and considering what affect it will have on their life. In addition, a key consideration in achieving person-centred care with residents is that of creating a culture that supports and enables staff to experience person-centred facilitation, leadership and management processes.


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