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Re: SCAN lets network
Thanks Mel, I can see this too! Louisa
11:15 - Wed 06 Jun 2018
Re: SCAN lets network
Hello - message received! Jo
08:55 - Tue 05 Jun 2018
Re: SCAN lets network
Hello! I see you :)  Hayley
08:16 - Tue 05 Jun 2018
Re: SCAN lets network
Yes -received 'loud and clear', however I find this site rather clumsy as you do have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to spot an entry into...
10:29 - Mon 04 Jun 2018
Re: SCAN lets network
Hi Mel, Thanks for this! Best wishes, Claire
06:14 - Mon 04 Jun 2018
SCAN lets network
Hi All Test message to encourage sharing queries, problems and solutions using the network as a communication and messaging facility. Please reply with a comment to show how/who this reaches...
12:06 - Thu 31 May 2018
Re: E.coli Bacteriaemia project
This looks great!  Well done team :)  Really like the poster presentation. H
13:44 - Wed 28 Mar 2018
E.coli Bacteriaemia project
Hi All,  Please find attached the blank E.coli bacteraemia data collection form (password audit if it asks) and hopefully the report and poster. Best wishes, Claire
22:31 - Tue 27 Mar 2018
E of England AMS Pharmacy Peer Review Tool
East of England AMS pharmacy peer review tool, courtesy of Emma Cramp
08:08 - Wed 12 Jul 2017
Re: SHIP update actions
FINALLY ALL UPLOADED! Each section is there and is in a fully amendable word document format.
15:19 - Mon 29 Feb 2016