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Heart failure: a call to action
In 2016 the All Party Parliamentary Group on Heart Disease published Focus on Heart Failure, which made recommendations to improve care and transform lives. Four years on, with heart failure...
09:49 - Fri 26 Feb 2021
The future of adult social care
This report argues that a new blueprint for delivering social care in England could help tens of thousands of adults each year who need care and support to live more...
09:48 - Fri 26 Feb 2021
Physical activity - addressing inequalities
This guidance can be used by local level practitioners and commissioners to begin tackling inequalities in physical activity across and within protected characteristic groups.
09:47 - Fri 26 Feb 2021
Standards for inpatient diabetes care
This NHS England letter highlights clinical standards and adjustments to standard approaches for inpatient diabetes care needed in response to COVID-19.
09:42 - Fri 26 Feb 2021
Stay at home
Everyone across the UK is being reminded of the importance of staying at home and the risks in relaxing their behaviour at this crucial point, in a new advertising campaign.
09:40 - Fri 26 Feb 2021
Support for PCN leaders
The challenges for primary care networks (PCNs) has been immense in the last year and are not decreasing.
09:39 - Fri 26 Feb 2021
Implementing the additional roles recruitment scheme
PCC is supporting PCNs to effectively utilise, integrate and embed the additional roles reimbursement scheme (ARRS) roles.
15:10 - Thu 25 Feb 2021