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Stop Smoking Support in Secondary Care

A network for discussion on stop smoking support in secondary care
A network for discussion on stop smoking support in secondary care (less...)

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Stop smoking support for pre-op patients
Hi Interested to find out how other areas offer support to patients undergoing surgery and whether any hospitals have a pre-op pathway currently in place. Many thanks Rachel
12:01 - Thu 25 Jun 2015
Re: NRT for hospital patients
Dear Rachel, Thank you so much for your response, which is most helpful.  Sounds like we are experiencing similar challenges. I would be very grateful if you could email me...
09:53 - Fri 06 Jun 2014
Re: NRT for hospital patients
Hi Hazel We are fortunate to have all of the NRT products available on the formulary for inpateints to use (apart from the Niquitin films).  Our biggest problem at the...
10:17 - Thu 29 May 2014
NRT for hospital patients
Hi Network members, Does anyone have any particular success with getting NRT products to in-patients? I work with staff at Southampton General Hospital and am finding it difficult to spread...
12:47 - Wed 30 Apr 2014
Re: Smoking on hospital sites
HI Liz,  I see you posted a question about onsite smoking bans in June last year and wondered whether you have made any progress on this? I work with Southampton's...
13:42 - Tue 12 Feb 2013
Re: Record keeping
Hi Bec, Is this for inpatient or outpatients? If inpatients we always write in their patient notes located on ward whether they have started treatment or not, then will record...
11:41 - Mon 28 Jan 2013
Re: Record keeping
Hi Bec Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust now has a system where we can electronically refer inpatients and outpatients to the relevant NHS Stop Smoking Service.  We were the first to pilot...
10:01 - Mon 28 Jan 2013
Record keeping
Hi all, I have a question for those of you who see patients who want to stop smoking whilst they are in hospital.  Once you have seen the patient, where...
11:50 - Tue 22 Jan 2013
Smoking on hospital sites
We are struggling to enforce a ban on onsite smoking with both staff and patients. The issue of a smoking area has been raised but like Hilary previously posted, i...
20:21 - Mon 25 Jun 2012
Re: Supply of NRT to in-patients
Thank you Bec - that's really helpful.  (I remember meeting you at the Conference last year). It would be great if you could email me a copy of the formyou...
09:58 - Fri 13 Jan 2012