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Standards Structure

The standards have been divided into those that are core for each area providing neonatal care and those that are specific to a certain unit designation level. In order for ease of completion each neonatal unit will only see and complete a self assessment for those standards that apply to their level of designation.

Figure 1: Applicable Standards


Applicable standards:

Level 1 Unit

Level 2 Unit

Level 3 Unit


Core Standards


Level 1 Unit Specific Standards




Level 2 Unit Specific Standards




Level 3 Unit Specific




A   Core Standards for Neonatal Care

The core standards to apply to all institutions providing neonatal care.

Designation Level Specific Standards

These standards are divided into three sections. The standards in sections B to D are additional to the Core Standards in A. The applicable standards will depend on the local configuration or services and agreed designation levels. Figure 1 illustrates the standards applicable to different settings.

B   Level 1 Unit Specific Standards

These standards apply to all Level 1 units providing resuscitation & stabilisation and special care to neonates

C   Level 2 Unit Specific Standards

These standards apply to all Level 2 units providing resuscitation & stabilisation, special care, high dependency and short term intensive care to neonates

D   Level 3 Unit Specific Standards