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West Midlands Transfer User Group

The Group is responsible for: • Monitoring the effectiveness of the West Midlands Neonatal Transfer Service (WMNTS) • Identifying transport issues and future transport requirements within the Networks • Identifying investment required to achieve a robust transport service for the Networks • Making recommendations to the Network Boards to improve transport collectively within the Networks in line with the recommendations in the Review of Neonatal Intensive Care Services and the Toolkit for High Quality Neonatal Services • Implement, review and further develop transport guideline, protocols and procedures for use across the Networks • Make recommendations for standardising transport education and training across the Networks • Continue to contribute to regional and national discussions relating to developments in neonatal transfers. This page contains all the various documents and papers of the West Midlands Transfer User Group, including; agendas and minutes of meetings, reports, presentations, etc. As well as links to external national documents of interest to the Group.

Terms of Reference (September 2018)

Meetings of the Group are held bi-annually.  Details of the date, time and venue of the next meeting can be found on the event page.  If you would like to receive notification of network events by e-mail, you can register to be a member of the Staffordshire, Shropshire and Black Country Newborn Network by clicking on the JOIN THIS NETWORK button at the bottom of our home page.

31 July 2019


Notes of the 26 March 2019, see below.

Repats Update

26 March 2019

Obtaining an Out of Region Cot

Action Notes

3 December 2018

Action Notes (Updated)


Notes of the 5 September 2018, see below.

5 September 2018

Draft Minutes and Activity Presentation 


Notes of the 5 June 2018, see below.

Final Draft Terms of Reference

5 June 2018

Draft Minutes


Notes of the 4 December 2017, see below.

Draft Terms of Reference Revised May 2018

4 December 2017


WM NTS Service Description and Operational Overview November 2017

Repatriation Outside of Working Hours Proposal

Minutes of the Extraordinary TUG Meeting 19th September 2017 Final

20 December 2016


8 June 2016 - CANCELLED


14 July 2015 SSBCNMN Extraordinary Meeting

SSBCNMN Stabilisation Presentation

Transfer Checklist

14 July 2015

Draft Minutes



29 April 2014


Objectives Progress Review 2013/14

NTS Activity Presentation

Instructions for Copying an X-Ray for E-mail

Therapeutic Hypothermia for Referral Units

Case Presentation by Dr Lindsay Halpern

Staff Guide to Allowing Parents to Accompany Babies on Transfer


21 October 2013

Draft Notes

Dr Manning Presentation

Lessons Learned from Case Review

Activity Presentation


17 June 2013

Draft Notes

NTS Activity 2012/13

Objectives 2012/13 Progress Review

Cooling Figures for 2012/13


28 February 2013

Draft Notes

Appendix 1 - Activity and Incidents Presentation

Appendix 2 - Stabilisation Presentation

Appendix 3 - CQUINS Targets Presentation

Appendix 4 - Cooling Data Presentation

Appendix 5 - Neuroprotection


15 October 2012


22 April 2012

Draft Notes

Appendix 1 Presentation

Appendix 1a Area Covered

Appendix 1b Out of Region Transfers

Appendix 2 Incidents

Appendix 3 Transport Cooling

Appendix 4 Presentation

Appendix 5 Stabilisation

Appendix 5a Stabilisation

Appendix 6 Refusals Audit

Appendix 7 Contingency Arrangements

Appendix 8 Flow Chart

Addendum: Neuroprotection Care Audit Proforma


10 October 2011

Draft Notes

WMNTS Activity Presentation

Out of Region Surgical Transfers

% Incidents up to End September 2011

Cooling Figures Presentation

TCR Temperature Referral Form

Updated Cooling Register Form


Appendix 1 Activity 2010-11

Appendix 2 Annual Summary

Appendix 3 2010-11 Unit Activity

Appendix 4 Incidents 2010-11

Appendix 5 Terms of Reference

Appendix 6 Cooling Audit 2010-11 Summary

Appendix 7 Out of Region Surgical Transfers 2010-11

14 April 2011

Draft Notes (agreed 10-10-11)

NTS Activity for 2009/2010

West Midlands Neonatal Transfer Service Network Board Report 2010/11 Annual Summary

West Midlands Neonatal Transfer Service Summary of Transfers 2010/2011

West Midlands Neonatal Transfer Service Total Number of Incidents Recorded 2010/11

Audit of Cooling 2010/11 Summary

Out of SWMNN/SSBCNN Region Surgical Transfers from April 2010 - to March 2011