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Hearing Screening

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HSST Audiology
A member-only network for current and past HSST trainees in Audiology
Keywords: ('audiological', 'hsst', 'hearing', 'audiology', 'vestibular', 'balance')
IFR Panel
Screening documents for the IFR Panel
Keywords: ('screening documents ifr panel',)
Level 2 Psychological Skills
'Level 2' psychological skills are the advanced skills possessed by many health professionals working in cancer and palliative care.
Keywords: ('cancer', 'psychological skills', 'adjustment', 'distress', 'screening', 'self-care', 'oncology', 'palliative care')
Peninsula Pathology Network
Network for anybody with an interest in NHS pathology services across the South West Peninsula, with a particular focus on the review of services commencing in ...
Keywords: ('england', 'diagnostic services', 'nhs', 'path', 'laboratory', 'path services', 'pathology', 'biochemistry', 'microbiology', 'screening', 'pathology services', 'peninsula', 'blood', 'services', 'immunology', 'histopathology', 'labs', 'cytology', 'south west', 'blood services', 'diagnostics')
Sign Kids
Youth Club for Sign Language Users and Hearing Difficulties based in Preston.
Keywords: ('preston', 'sign language', 'hearing difficulties', 'youth club')
West Midlands Audiology Network
This network is a forum for advancing the interests of NHS clinical Audiological Services in the West Midlands. Please note this is a members only network. ...
Keywords: ('Tinnitus', 'Hearing Aids', 'Hearing', 'Audiology', 'Balance')
Wolverhampton Audiology
A Resource for the Audiology Team at the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust to share documents and to facilitate home working.
Keywords: ('audiology', 'paediatric', 'adult', 'tinnitus', 'hearing', 'balance')