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Care Pathways

The development of neonatal clinical pathways in the Staffordshire, Shropshire & Black Country Newborn Network has been undertaken to support the implementation of the unit designations approved by the West Midland’s Specialist Commissioning Group. The pathways have been developed by the Staffordshire, Shropshire & Black Country Newborn Network and reflect principles within the Toolkit for High Quality Neonatal Services and the NICE Quality Standards. The aim of the pathways is to put collaborative clinical decision making at the centre of care for babies and parents by defining clear clinical thresholds within the wider West Midland’s Specialist Commissioning Group unit designations to reduce inappropriate transfers whilst maintaining high quality care. The pathways maintain the principle that care for the most severely premature and complex neonates should be in Network Lead Centres. These clinical thresholds are based on best practice, network wide clinical consensus and recommendations from national bodies such as the British Association of Perinatal Medicine.

The development of the neonatal clinical pathways has been achieved through an open consultation process that has involved; Neonatal and maternity services representatives (neonatal consultants, neonatal nursing leads, unit managers, obstetric and midwifery representatives from all units in SSBCNN), West Midlands Specialist Commissioning Group, parent representatives and local commissioners.

A template for Unit Specific Care Pathways was provided by Network Clinical Leads at a consultation event: Influencing the shape of the Network Care Pathways, these were developed, discussed and amended by key stakeholders including the wider network management team, local commissioners and neonatal and maternity services representatives at the event held in September 2010.  Following this, each unit was visited by the Network Manager/Lead Nurse and the Neonatal & Obstetric Clinical Leads to discuss the individual unit pathways. Neonatal, Obstetric and managerial representation at the meetings was provided as deemed appropriate by each Trust. The individual pathways were refined following the visits with the units.

Agreement of the principles of this approach to neonatal care in SSBCNN was obtained at the SSBCNN Board meeting held on 23 March 2011.  The pathways are fully supported by the West Midlands Specialised Commissioning Team.  The Staffordshire, Shropshire & Black Country Newborn Network, with the WMSCG will monitor the care received by infants in the SSBC Newborn Network and suggest changes as appropriate in agreement with the provider Trusts.

Information for Pregnant Women (July 2017)

Repatriation Policy (agreed at the 8 September 2015 Board meeting)

Ex-UT Exception Report Template (agreed at the 11 December 2012 Board meeting)

Care Pathways Document (agreed at the 8 September 2015 Board meeting)

Care Pathway Exception Report Template Appendix 1

Care Pathway Guidance for Completing Exception Reports (amended December 2012)

IUT Care Pathway Flow Chart (with new NTS KIDS phone no. July 2016), exceptions are outside of these normal care pathways

IUT Exception Report Template Appendix 2 (amended 2018)

IUT Maternal Transfer Form (amended May 2015)

Integrated Comfort Care Pathway

Cooling Referral Form for both SSBCNMN and SWMMNN (amended January 2015)

WM Newborn Transfer Service Documents

NTS KIDS Single Number Flow Chart (July 2016)