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What bicycle do you ride on, to your NHS workplace?

All about cycling..
1. Tourer
14% (1 votes)
2. Mountain Bike
0% (0 votes)
3. Racer
0% (0 votes)
4. Folding Bike
0% (0 votes)
5. Hybrid Bike
86% (6 votes)
6. Electric Bike
0% (0 votes)
7. A Trike
0% (0 votes)
8. recumbent bicycle
0% (0 votes)
9. Cargo bike
0% (0 votes)
10. eCargo bike
0% (0 votes)
11. Vintage Bike pre 1980's
0% (0 votes)

Cycling as part of your work: To wear a helmet or not to wear a helmet?

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June 22. 2012

The following article has been raised as a question on another section of the NHS networks site. Feel free to either comment here or at the following link. 







I have 2 new members of staff who will be cycling to work meetings and clinics as part of their NHS job.

As a duty of care I need to consider their travel to and from work meetings and I plan to undertake a risk assessment for them cycling. Does anyone have a copy of a cycling to meetings risk assessment or a link where I can get further information? There appears to be plenty of information on travelling to work but not on travelling on a bike as part of work.

My last question is undertaking a risk assessment of them cycling for work I know that we will need to consider whether they wear a helmet or not. One member of staff chooses to wear a helmet and the other does not and has reasons for why he does not. Wearing a cycle helmet is not legislation however I would feel more comfortable if they did wear a helmet - any views?

Many thanks"


June 22. 2012
Phil Walsh

As a person who at times uses various forms of transport (including cycling) to meetings etc I would ask whether the same duty of care assessments are occuring for all other forms of transport including bus/train and who would be competent to undertake these?  Suspect guidance from your own HR department would be useful

There is also plenty of discssuion about helmets via organisations such as CTC and others, which may guide you in relation to that part of the question. 

July 30. 2012
Nick Wigston

If the member of staff has been given all the necessary protective equipment that is needed to cycle between sites and they decide not to use them, then the responsibility is put on to them.


Last November I was knocked of my bike whilst riding to work, luckily I was wearing a helmet, when people looked at the amount of damage that was sustained to the helmet they said that I would have been in ICU without it, To anyone that also cycles I would not recommend highly enough the importance of having CTC insurance, for the minimal amount that you spend, this is a life saver as it has helped me pay for the time off the bike and the injuries that I incurred and the fixing of my bike.

November 29. 2012
Patrick James McNally

Don't feed the troll.

There are no issues more nutritious for trolls on cycling forums, than the helmet debate


But, if this question was meant sincerely - 

"Wearing a cycle helmet is not legislation however I would feel more comfortable if they did wear a helmet - any views?"

You've hit the nail on the head (so to speak).  If you had an employee who drives as part of work, you'd expect them to conform to the current legal standards - it car that is taxed, insured, well maintained, and they must wear a seatbelt.  

You wouldn't expect them to fit a 5-point harness, or roll cage, or ABS, or any of the current options for cars that go beyound the legal standard - even if you would feel more comfortable if they did so.  

The same should go for your cycling employees.  You should expect their bike to be roadworthy and them to cycle within the law.  You can even hope they choose a helmet.  But that's up to them.  

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