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We can use inhalers better

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We can use inhalers better

A South West Regional Project to develop a programme to teach all clinicians involved in caring for patients requiring inhalers to be able to assess use of inhalers and have the basics to teach how to use inhalers Developing a group of Local Inhaler Ambassadors

This interactive workshop is aimed at clinicians who are involved in the education and leadership in developing quality respiratory care.

  • It aims to develop a sustainable programmed to train as many clinicians in the South West as possible to be able to teach patients how to use inhalers correctly (able to assess and basics on able to teach)
  • There are many parts of the NHS (primary care, community, emergency and acute settings) where clinicians manage asthma and COPD – and many will confess to feeling uncertain about the devices,
    • Some are confident – but are teaching and advising incorrectly
    • Some are able to use the inhalers correctly but lack skills to assess patient techniques or skills to teach patients the correct technique

The most expensive drug in the world is the one that isn’t used – and working across boundaries we can make a difference.  The day will provide an outline of the vision, some evidence base to help inform commissioners and influence clinicians – and sharing of resources and expertise in getting to the parts of the South West others haven’t quite reached!

This is part of a larger southwest project run as a collaboration between the respiratory network (an associate network to the Strategic Clinical Networks) and the Peninsula AHSN to disseminate good inhaler technique.  There will be an expectation that clinicians who attend will commit to working with us to deliver local training in inhaler use (with significant support from the South West respiratory network).


Clinicians who attend will take away:

  • A basic understanding of adult learning with respect to inhalers
  • A basic understanding of the methodology of assessing inhaler use by adults
  • A basic understanding of the methodology of teaching inhaler use to adults
  • Assistance with the development of a standardised education pack

Assistance in organising local education meetings