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Restorative Clinical Supervision Thread

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Information sharing vs confidentiality

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August 27. 2018
Jillian Ireland

Management staff can find it difficult to accept that I have not kept a record of meetings and discussions I have held with midwives. As all information stored in the Trust 'belongs' to the Trust I have asked midwives to keep their own private records of our communications whilst on informal or formal development plans. These they can choose to share or not. How are other PMAs managing this aspect of the role?

September 05. 2018
Kate Adamson

Hello Jillian,

the Gloucestershire Hospitals PMA team are storing the names of attendees with a PMA on our Trust Drive but this is password protected to access by the PMA team. This is so that we can monitor the number of midwives who are engaging with us, where they work and for audit. We are making no record of individual topics discussed except feeding back on themes and tracking the numbers of midwives who are engaging with us. Any action plans are taken forward by the midwives themselves, unless this is an issues which needs to liaise with their line manager.

Kind regards

Kate Adamson


Lead PMA for Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


September 06. 2018
Mair Davies

👋 Jillian and Kate


we do exactly as Kate describes above. Am surprised by management attitude, perhaps they need another introduction to th A-Equip model so it feels more ‘right’ for them?  How supportive have they been?

March 19. 2019
Jillian Ireland

Hi all,

There is no problem with keeping a log of contact dates - it is the content of conversations I was asked about. Like you I do not record the content as it is confidential and once recorded 'belongs' to the Trust. I think we are all doing widely the same thing (the tree of us in the thread).


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