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Monitoring, Evaluation & Quality Control Thread

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February 25. 2019
Jillian Ireland

Dear members,

how are you all measuring your PMA activity? We will be sharing our thoughts and experiences at a meeting in Poole on Monday 4th March (10.00h until 14.00h). 

We - PMAs across the South (from as far West along the coast as Poolenti Portsmouth further East and with two new PMA representatives joining on 4th from Dorchester and Salisbury) have been meeting to share ideas since we finished our bridging / long courses. 

Any PMAs/prospective PMA’s are welcome. We can carry on the discussions on here too - please share your thoughts on evaluation. There was a line in the Bournemouth University course which had been exercising me (And I have it sussed now!)

’evaluate PMA effectiveness by using an agreed metric’. What are your agreed metrics and how do you demonstrate effectiveness?

Looking forward to your posts- Jillian


March 19. 2019
Jillian Ireland

We concluded that our metrics are simple: a record of contacts with staff.

Quality improvement projects


Record of participation in facilitating learning/teaching

Participation in Trust wide RCS e.g. 'Schwartz Rounds'

We want to show effectiveness in more ways than only this and are developing qualitative measures of our activity e.g.

Asking staff for a short evaluation (informal) in a diary style format of how they felt after RCS


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