Stroke Management for Primary Care programme

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Rila Institute of Health Sciences, in partnership with The London Cardiac and Stroke Networks, have developed Stroke Management for Primary Care. First of its kind, this programme is specifically designed for primary care physicians and nurses and is accredited by the UK Forum for Stroke Training (UKFST).

This course provides the practical and clinical skills/knowledge needed both to prevent a stroke and to care for people who have suffered a stroke. 

The programme has been developed and is delivered by experts in the field, including stroke physicians, GPs with a special interest in stroke, cardiologists, neurologists, nurses in stroke care and other allied health professionals, such as physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

The Stroke Management Programme is divided into three modules. It begins on 8th November and runs for approximately 14 weeks. The format consists of workshops/lectures, self-paced reading with formative assessments, and shadowing a specialist in stroke to acquire clinical skills. This multi-faceted approach offers a structured, yet blended, style of learning.

View full details and download the registration documents through Rila’s website, (click Programmes at the top of the homepage).

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