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South East Coast Respiratory Programme

Reflect on the latest Respiratory news and research with Impressions



Do you agree with the new BTS home oxygen guidance that the 1st sampling for LTOT assessment should be a true arterial stab?

1. Yes: the inconvenience for the patient is outweighed by the fact that this will reduce prescribing home oxygen to a group of people who don’t meet the LTOT guidelines
37% (3 votes)
2. No: The CBG technique is much more patient friendly and the results obtained by capillary sampling are close enough not to make a material difference in a real life setting.
63% (5 votes)

Reflect on the latest Respiratory news and research with Impressions

IMPRESS have launched 'Impressions' - a new blog on their website which keeps you up-to-date with the latest respiratory news and research

Impressions is the blog by IMPRESS programme manager Sian Williams which reflects on themes arising from the latest respiratory research and news.

Impressions can be found by going to http://www.impressresp.com/Impressions.aspx

You can get a flavour with the latest blog post - Impressions 4 - which looks at articles on risk factors for admission, deprivation, need for better case-finding, supply of primary care, plus an evaluation on older people's care from the Nuffield. This last piece of research shows a disappointing impact on admissions and questions whether case-finding may be a cause of an increase in admissions following community-based interventions!

If you want to stay up-to-the-minute with respiratory news, then IMPRESS have also launched a Twitter feed. Go to Twitter and follow ImpressLung to get updates as soon as they are avaiable.