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South East Coast Respiratory Programme

New tool to develop Stop Smoking business cases



Do you agree with the new BTS home oxygen guidance that the 1st sampling for LTOT assessment should be a true arterial stab?

1. Yes: the inconvenience for the patient is outweighed by the fact that this will reduce prescribing home oxygen to a group of people who don’t meet the LTOT guidelines
37% (3 votes)
2. No: The CBG technique is much more patient friendly and the results obtained by capillary sampling are close enough not to make a material difference in a real life setting.
63% (5 votes)

New tool to develop Stop Smoking business cases

An automated spreadsheet to help teams to develop Stop Smoking business cases by bringing together PCT-level information is now available to download.

The 'Health Outcomes Tool', has been launched by NHS PCC (Primary Care Commissioning) and the NHS Health Benchmarking Network, brings together the best available outcomes data and provides a template for business cases.

The tool - an Excel spreadsheet - provides worked examples for Stop Smoking services and stroke care. Support for other disease areas may be added in future versions. It brings together PCT-level data on SMRs with QOF data and information about current service performance.

The tool has four main sections:

  • An 'opportunity locator' - looking at benchmarked data by PCT area
  • Possible interventions
  • A cost-benefit calculator - drawing on local information
  • A 'business case writer'. This pulls together information to print out a final business case, with examples from other PCTs for each section of the business case.

Full instructions on how to use the tool are available in a detailed user guide.

> Download the user guide

The tool itself is an Excel spreadsheet. (Macros must be enabled for the tool to work properly - see the user guide for more information)

> Download the Health Outcomes Tool


More information (including technical advice about how to enable Macros to use the tool) can be found on the PCC website