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South East Coast Respiratory Programme

PCRS-UK is looking to recruit patients (and carers) with asthma, COPD or other respiratory conditions



Do you agree with the new BTS home oxygen guidance that the 1st sampling for LTOT assessment should be a true arterial stab?

1. Yes: the inconvenience for the patient is outweighed by the fact that this will reduce prescribing home oxygen to a group of people who don’t meet the LTOT guidelines
37% (3 votes)
2. No: The CBG technique is much more patient friendly and the results obtained by capillary sampling are close enough not to make a material difference in a real life setting.
63% (5 votes)

PCRS-UK is looking to recruit patients (and carers) with asthma, COPD or other respiratory conditions

to join a new lay patient and carer reference group that is being set up in recognition of the importance the society places on patient involvement.Please forward this info to the person responsible for the patient advisory group in your practice / area and / or directly to any patients who you think might be interested. Anyone who is interested in joining the group should send a short CV and brief statement of why they are interested to info@pcrs-uk.org by 31st July 2015.

The lay patient and carer reference group, chaired by Jane Scullion, PCRS-UK Trustee, will meet once a year at the PCRS-UK annual conference (with email contact at other times) and is being set up in order to;

  • Embed a patient centred approach within corporate consciousness’ of PCRS-UK and all its activities
  • Provide a check / balance to ensure PCRS-UK is acting ultimately in patients’ best interests and providing public benefit 

PCRS would appreciate your help in identifying appropriate people with respiratory conditions who could contribute to this important new group. They are looking for patients (and carers), from across the respiratory disease and age spectrum seen commonly in primary care, who have strong communication skills, who are able to see a wider perspective (not just their own) and ideally already have experience of working on a patient advisory group and who are confident to articulate their views in a health professional setting.

Participating in the group will take up circa 1-3 days per year and will provide individuals with an opportunity to contribute to improving respiratory care and in particular to helping ensure care is more appropriately patient centred. The first meeting of the group will be held on FRIDAY 16th October at the PCRS-UK Conference, Whittlebury Hall, Northampton.


Further information can be found HERE.