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South East Coast Respiratory Programme

More for Less: The IMPRESS guide to Home Oxygen



Do you agree with the new BTS home oxygen guidance that the 1st sampling for LTOT assessment should be a true arterial stab?

1. Yes: the inconvenience for the patient is outweighed by the fact that this will reduce prescribing home oxygen to a group of people who don’t meet the LTOT guidelines
37% (3 votes)
2. No: The CBG technique is much more patient friendly and the results obtained by capillary sampling are close enough not to make a material difference in a real life setting.
63% (5 votes)

More for Less: The IMPRESS guide to Home Oxygen

IMPRESS have published a downloadable step-by-step guide to help clinicians to improve patient safety and reduce waste in the prescribing and ordering of oxygen.

The Guide 'Rationalising oxygen use to improve patient safety and to reduce waste' has been put together by five of the Clinical Leads: Jane Scullion, Stephen Gaduzo, Louise Restrick, Tony Davison, and Steve Holmes, together with Sian Williams of IMPRESS.

The guide helps clinicians to identify where there are current issue with the Home Oxygen Service for patients including:

  • Over-use
  • Under-use
  • Misuse
  • Undercoordination of services

Following the 18 steps in the guide should deliver improvements in care for adult patients. These steps should also release significant savings that could be reinvested to improve other aspects of care for people with COPD and other respiratory disease.

The 18 steps are accompanied by a series of appendices containing case studies, good practice guides, check lists, protocols and other information from around the country.

Go to the IMPRESS website at http://www.impressresp.com/Commissioning/Oxygen.aspx for more information and to download the guide