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Asthma UK launch online 'Triple A Test' to cut risk of attacks

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Asthma UK launch online 'Triple A Test' to cut risk of attacks

Asthma UK have launched a new online test for Asthma sufferers - the Triple A 'Avoid Asthma Attacks' test - designed to cut the risk of attacks leading to hospital admissions.

The test helps people with asthma gauge to what extent they are at risk from a serious attack, advise people what they can do to minimise that risk and how to stay well.

It asks simple questions about factors which have been linked to increasing the risk of an asthma attack that could lead to a hospital admission.

Those taking the test will fall into one of three 'traffic light' categories: red indicating that the person runs a highly increased risk of a serious attack, while green would mean no increased risk.

Each category is linked to advice on how to control the symptoms and what to do if someone does have an attack.

> Read more about the Triple A test  - and take the test