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Asthma deaths - Update on NRAD progress, March 2012

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Asthma deaths - Update on NRAD progress, March 2012

An update on the National Review of Asthma Deaths, March 2012

The programme team leading the National Review of Asthma Deaths have produced an update on their work.

> Download issue 2 of the NRAD Newsletter (March 2012)

Please note two particular items of NRAD news:

NRAD will also be receiving notifications from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) for the purpose of case ascertainment.  If they are notified of a case from a hospital/practice from ONS theywill contact you to ask you to complete the relevant forms.

The notification criteria have been extended with a new item. Notification criterion for Asthma Deaths to the NRAD team are now:

  • Death certified as being due to asthma (ICD-10 J45-J46) in part 1 of the medical certification of the cause of death (MCCD)
  • Post-mortem diagnosis of asthma as cause of death
  • Clinician diagnosis of asthma as probable cause of death (NEW)
  • Death classified as being due to anaphylaxis (ICD-10 T78.2)