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January 08. 2011
Kelly Evans

Craig Lefebvre, PhD is an architect and designer of public health and social change programs. He holds appointments as a Research Professor at The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, University of Maryland School of Public Health and the University of South Florida School of Public Health. His current research focuses on applying design thinking, social media and mobile technologies in social marketing and public health programs. 

Craig writes a regular blog on social marketing and it is a must for anyone in the field. Check out his archive and list of resources under the 'what is social marketing' section.

His blog is fantastic for beginner and advanced social marketers. He makes you think about social marketing in a renewed light.  Check out his blog here

In Craig's latest blog he presents the 10 'what ifs of social marketing" these include:

What if we...

  1. didn't have target audiences - but co-creators
  2. didn't have distribution systems - but places where people could play
  3. didn't use focus groups - but designed research to fit the puzzle and people
  4. didn't assess knowledge and attitudes - but sought insight into people's motivation and values
  5. didn't start with analyzing people - but first assumed that it was something in their environment
  6. didn't create messages and stories - but focused on crafting exchanges
  7. didn't track program output - but what, how often and from where people saw and heard from us
  8. didn't aim at target audiences - but served people
  9. didn't focus on changing behaviors - but offered people new ways to solve problems, meet their needs and reach for their dreams
  10. didn't focus on evaluation as the end of the process - but sustainability as the start of the next one
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