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Webinar 2: Using SNOMED CT

The second webinar in our series looks at using SNOMED CT. The webinar looks at how you access SNOMED CT, how the files are structured, where to obtain resources and international and UK specific documentation. This page contains questions with answers that were raised during the webinars together with links to the presentation and a pre-recorded version of the webinar which can both be downloaded.

If you have links or resources you think would be useful to include here, please email: snomedtraining@nhs.net.
Click here to download the slides from this webinar.
Where do I get SNOMED CT files to download?

Information on releases and the download service is available here:

How to download SNOMED CT data onto my computer

or go straight to the UKTC TRUD page to register and download using the UKTC SNOMED link on the left hand side.

How can I look at SNOMED CT?

By downloading a browser to look. Take a look at a list of some free to use browsers which are available to download here:

List of free to use downloadable SNOMED CT browsers


Who manages SNOMED CT?

SNOMED CT is managed by:

The UK Terminology Centre

What if I find something in SNOMED CT which I feel is incorrect, or I have a term which is missing - who can I contact?

By using the request portal managed by the UKTC:

How to make a change / request for something new in SNOMED CT

How do I get a licence to use SNOMED CT in the Republic of Ireland - I want to use some of the CFH specific subsets.

To use the CFH specific subsets you will need to obtain the appropriate licenses to download the SNOMED CT content initially. This includes a license for the International Edition and UK Edition of SNOMED CT. A License for the International edition only may be obtained by registering on the IHTSDO licensing and distribution tool known as SALSA (https://www.ihtsdoregistration.nss.cfh.nhs.uk/). Both international and UK license can be obtained by registering for the UKTC SNOMED on the UKTC licensing and distribution tool (www.uktcregistration.nss.cfh.nhs.uk/trud3/). This will give you access to the UK Edition and the UK subsets which includes data from the International Edition; it will also enable you to undertake research and development free of charge.  However, if you deploy an application which has SNOMED CT embedded within it in the Republic of Ireland, there will be a charge based on number of deployed seats as the Republic of Ireland are not currently members of IHTSDO. At this moment we do not intend to charge for such use or deployment within the UK Member territory so you can deploy within England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Channel Islands free of charge.