SNOMED CT Subset Matching Demonstrator

Friday, 4 November 2011

The SNOMED CT demonstrator is part of a project exploring credible designs for implementing SNOMED CT in the user interface of an Electronic Patient Record (EPR).

It is set around the context of a clinician encoding a patient diagnosis in a discharge summary. The demonstrator investigates various user interface features, components and interactions involved with encoding a diagnosis using a database of 50,000 SNOMED CT diagnosis terms.

The 50,000 terms are taken from 20 different subsets. Of these, 19 are specialty subsets and 1 is a Core subset of common diagnoses (likely to be required across a number of settings and specialities). Please note that in the demonstrator, the Core subset is always selected by default and searched across automatically along with the chosen specialties. 

Click on this link to start the demonstrator:

We'd really like to hear any comments or feedback that you have on this demonstrator. These can be submitted via the demonstrator or sent in an e-mail to