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SystmOne Used In Secondary Care , Community

Up to SNOMED CT in Primary Care
June 20. 2017

Does SystmOne used in secondary care or community, switch to SNOMED-CT in line with GP based systems before 1/4/18 or do they wait until 2020?

June 20. 2017
Denise Downs

The transition to SNOMED CT will involve a period of time where both CTV3 and SNOMED CT are in patients records, with the system adding the additional code through mapping tables provided nationally. Where data entry is undertaken via templates, this can still use CTV3 until the template is updated.

We are just working with TPP to get a more detailed response to this type of question. We have a document in development which goes into detail. I will post a comment on the network once this is published.

July 19. 2017
Steve Curd
It would be really useful to see that response when it's completed, Denise. Thanks.
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