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Flo delivers quality and productivity gains in Community Nursing


Flo delivers quality and productivity gains in Community Nursing

The Heart Failure Team in Nottingham have only been using Flo for 2 weeks and already for one Clinician and Patient it has had a significant impact on improving patient care.

A Heart Failure Team in Nottingham are using Flo to support their patients in the community.  Two weeks in and BP/pulse and weight protocols are now live with 14 patients currently enrolled however some patients only need their weight checked. For HF patients it is very important to monitor the patient's weight as an increase could signify water retention leading to a potential exacerbation and subsequent deterioration in the patients condition.

Flo identified that a patients' weight was increasing and the heart failure nurse was informed by the patient. The Heart failure nurse was able to easily see the readings graphed by Flo and quickly responded to the patient by altering the patients medication and where normally he would have to increase visits just to check weight, the HF nurse can now increase monitoring through Flo without the additionally need of a visit.

A Heart Failure Nurse commented: "FLO is working really working well - thanks. I have now had to increase one chaps weight readings to 3 times per week as his weight has gone up since last week, and he is clinically showing signs of deterioration, therefore I need to alter his meds accordingly. FLO means that I don't have to go in 3 times per week. I still visit once per week, and as he gets worse I will have to go in more, but for now it is really helping me gage his condition"