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Simple Telehealth

9. How to do it – sign up a patient and access the Flo website


9. How to do it – sign up a patient and access the Flo website

Learning and service outcomes – you will be able to:

  1. Sign up a patient yourself.
  2. Access the patient’s readings on the Flo website.

Many GPs will choose to delegate the actual signing up of patients to Flo to a nurse or administrator. They may select the patient, enthuse the patient about the potential of Flo, verify that they are motivated to text in responses and adhere to the dual management plan. Then they may by arrangement refer the patient to a practice nurse or health care assistant to sign them up and explain the system, give out equipment and train the patient in its use (if appropriate, e.g. sphygmomanometer), complete the consent form and affirm the dual management plan. Some GPs will prefer to complete all these elements.  Read more on the process which your CCG clinical telehealth facilitator will instruct you on, on pages 67-74 in the Flo resource pack (click here). Or watch the video from a recent workshop where Phil demonstrates how easy it is to sign up a patient to Flo for a specific protocol.

You can learn to revise the Flo interactive messaging to individualise it for a particular patient or for your practice protocol. You can practise this on the ‘demo’ protocol (ask your CCG’s clinical telehealth facilitator to show you where this is sited).

Question1So have you signed a patient up?  Or at least watched a colleague do so?
Simple isn’t it?