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Simple Telehealth

7. Use Flo telehealth to achieve your Remote Care Monitoring (Preparation) DES 2013/4


7. Use Flo telehealth to achieve your Remote Care Monitoring (Preparation) DES 2013/4

Learning and service outcomes – you will be able to:

  1. Plan for and complete the DES, setting up telehealth as a mode of delivery of care in your

practice for an example long term condition.

CCGs & practices participating in the national rollout of the Flo telehealth service will have achieved the requirements for the DES. If your CCG and Area Team (of NHS England) agree, hypertension is an ideal long term condition for this DES. Other long term conditions that Flo might help with to provide remote care in general practice settings are: to trigger rescue medication with COPD, improved control for asthma, enhancing diabetes care, titrating medication for heart failure, supporting patients with depression.

Look at the Table following, for an example of how a practice might describe the preparation they do this year for remote care monitoring for the new DES, with hypertension as the agreed long term condition. The practice would focus on home blood pressure monitoring in patients with poorly controlled hypertension, or newly diagnosed hypertension. The practice would need to use the right Flo telehealth protocol for the purpose (to improve clinical management) and nature of the patient’s condition (if diabetes or CKD comorbidity Flo is pitched on lower BP goals). It is likely that each patient responds to Flo for two months or so, whilst the practice team get their BP under control. So if the practice has 10 sphygmomanometers to lend out to patients (or the patients bought their own), they might sort out at least 30 patients with poorly controlled or newly diagnosed patients in a year- maybe as many as 60 or even 100 depending on practice list size.

Your Area Team will agree your template for the returns process at the end of the year and will specify the evidence they expect you to submit - but the template and completed return is likely to look like the Table following. Then you’ll be able to claim £0.21 per registered patient for the preparation/set/trial you do in 2013/4.

Table 2. Example of evidence for Remote Care Monitoring (Preparation) DES 2013/4 (download)

CPD Table 2

Question1So has your CCG/have you agreed the long term condition to focus on with your Area Team? And is your practice now on track to complete this preparation DES?