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Simple Telehealth

4. Defining your practice plan to adopt Flo telehealth


4. Defining your practice plan to adopt Flo telehealth

Learning and service outcomes – you will be able to:

  1. Select clinical protocol(s) after scoping the patient needs and practice team preferences.
  2. Finalise practice team plan – identifying their various roles and responsibilities.

Choose one or two clinical protocols to start with – think what would interest your practice team and benefit your patients the most. For instance, if you’ve noted that many of your patients have poor BP control then select protocol 2 (or protocol 10 if the patients have diabetes or CKD and should be aiming for <130/80mmHg goal).  If your practice has a high rate for emergency admissions for asthma or COPD you might prioritise clinical protocol 4 or clinical protocol 5 that focus on inhaler reminders.  If your practice wants to increase smoking quit rates you might select protocols 6, 7 and 8. If your practice has realised that many of your patients do not take the medication they are prescribed and the patients or their carers would appreciate regular reminders, you could choose protocol 9.

Use the practice action plan that follows to agree roles and responsibilities. Who’ll spot the right patients and invite them to participate? Who’ll sign up the patients and agree the dual management plans with them? Who’ll look at the Flo website each week at the readings and responses that patients have texted in; and act accordingly?

If no-one in the practice team wants to look at the Flo website regularly then the practice needs to select information or reminder messaging only (protocols 4, 5, 8 and 9 relating to inhaler or medication reminders, or just contemplating quitting smoking).  Look at the details of the clinical protocols on offer- the purpose, patient selection criteria, what success looks like, what the patient needs to do, what the clinician/practice team must do, types of messaging (interactive/information) and frequency (see Flo resource pack for clinicians page 5) (hyperlink 1). The protocol describes the equipment needed – validated sphygmomanometers for the hypertension protocols for patients’ home BP monitoring, and no other equipment needed for the other taster protocols. If you want to check out the detailed messaging you could look at the messages for each full protocol on the website (hyperlink 5).

Question1So you’ve completed your practice plan…..BUT……who’s going to monitor the actions and keep you all doing what you’ve pledged to do?


Practice action plan for Flo telehealth (example clinical protocol)

Choose one or two protocols that will benefit your patients and appeal to your practice team. Follow the patient selection criteria of the protocol(s) you have chosen to make sure that the patients you use Flo for are those most likely to benefit from the telehealth service. Complete a plan for each protocol.

Table 1 (download).

CPD Table 1


4. Defining your practice plan to adopt Flo telehealth