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Simple Telehealth

3. Applying AIM for Health Flo telehealth in general practice settings


3. Applying AIM for Health Flo telehealth in general practice settings

Learning outcomes – you will be able to:

  1. Plan to use telehealth in your own work setting and understand the applications of the Flo SMS texting telehealth programme.
  2. Describe what clinical protocols are available.

Advice and Interactive Messaging (AIM) for Health does ‘what it states on the tin’. Interspersed between taking readings or asking for information about how a patient is managing are regular messages of encouragement or information from Flo, designed to help patients make changes to their behaviour – and sustain those changes.

The Department of Health is funding the AIM rollout of the initiative across England. The AIM project allows a general practice a choice of ten clinical protocols for their patients. Set out are the kinds of patients who are suitable for each protocol, and what outcomes you can expect. The messages are all loaded on the Flo website, so once practice teams have decided which conditions they want to use Flo for, all they have to do is enrol patients, and allocate the appropriate protocol to them.

The ten clinical protocols include:

1.  Initial high blood pressure
2.  Hypertension newly diagnosed or poorly controlled
3.  Stable hypertension
4/5.  Inhaler reminders
6.  Smoking cessation – during the first three months
7.  Smoking cessation 3-12 months
8.  Smoking cessation for those contemplating quitting
9.  Medication reminder
10  Hypertension for newly diagnosed or poorly controlled patients who also have diabetes or CKD or ACR≥70

Take a look in more depth at the clinical protocols and intended clinical outcomes in the clinicians’ resource pack to familiarise yourself with these further (click here).

You can join the AIM for Health website where you will find useful information and all the documentation for using Flo in your practice (click here). For a quick overview of each protocol take a look at the various video clips (click here).  If you want to learn more about the whole AIM for Health initiative you could watch a video of a workshop where the presenters cover the context, the range of clinical protocols, the practicalities of signing patients up to Flo and the application in practice to include all the practice team (click here).

Question1So which protocol(s) will your practice choose? Which will fulfil your DES requirements?  Which application(s) can be included for your QP indicators?  Which will give most benefits to your patients?