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Simple Telehealth

1. Why learn about simple telehealth to provide remote care?


1. Why learn about simple telehealth to provide remote care?

The aim of this CPD programme is to raise awareness within general practice of the potential uses of telehealth in general and simple telehealth in particular. Telehealth is increasingly a feature of NHS development for the future (www.good-governance.org.uk/services/telehealthcare.htm); so get ahead of the game and learn from the trial of this simple and affordable approach so that you can ensure it works out for you and your patients. Capture your adoption of simple telehealth for a specific long term condition (e.g. hypertension) in the current remote care monitoring (preparation) DES for general practices in England; this will incentivise your practice team to include telehealth as a standard mode of delivery of care to patients (see section 7 for an example of evidence of completion for the DES). You might use your adoption of telehealth as a practice or peer group activity for one or more Quality & Productivity (QP) indicators in the Quality & Outcomes Framework (QOF). You can store evidence of your learning in your appraisal and revalidation eportfolios; and your preparation and trialling in the template you complete for the DES.

You can learn about the mobile phone texting service Florence (or Flo) that has been developed to improve patients’ adherence to best practice in clinical management. Then you can disseminate that learning in your practice to improve patients’ clinical outcomes and the effectiveness of care you provide through telehealth.