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CPD Programme

CPD programme for simple telehealth

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Endorsed by:
- Dr Ken Deacon, Medical director and responsible officer, NHS England Staffordshire & Shropshire
- Paul Marriott, lead telehealth consultant, NHS England Northern Senate


This programme gives supporting information on developing a culture in your practice for preparing to use remote technology to monitor and manage patients in general practice. There are somepractical tools to enable the practice team to use learning and development activities to improve their experience with Flo telehealth. Use this CPD guide to learn more about telehealth in general and simple telehealth SMS texting in particular; and put that learning into practice. Look at the contents below. You can: pick and choose which section you start with, read it through systematically or watch the video that spans an introductory workshop (click here) to understand the context and potential of this simple telehealth service. Make sure you look at the learning & service development activities in sections 4, 5, 6 and 9; and record your learning by selecting some of the activities described in Table 7 in section 10. 

  1. Why learn about simple telehealth to provide remote care?
  2. Background – what telehealth is
  3. Applying AIM for Health Flo telehealth in general practice settings
  4. Defining your practice plan to adopt Flo telehealth
  5. Reflect on how well prepared you are to start using Flo telehealth
  6. Minimising risks and concerns
  7. Use Flo telehealth to achieve your Remote Care Monitoring DES 2013/4
  8. Understanding the costs of Flo telehealth to the NHS; potential savings
  9. How to do it – sign up a patient and access the Flo website
  10. Recording what you have learnt
  11. References
  12. Biographies of contributors
  13. CPD Certificate

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