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Simple Telehealth

What’s the future of digital delivery of general practice based care?


What’s the future of digital delivery of general practice based care?

Our national AIM programme (see Affiliated networks) is having a good uptake of the Flo telehealth programme as more than 30 CCGs and hundreds of practices (so thousands of patients) have adopted the clinical protocols of our Advice & Interactive Messaging (AIM) for Health programme and other clinical applications. The remote care monitoring DES is being discontinued in 2014 as NHS England sees remote delivery of care being integrated into usual care, and the benefits obvious in terms of convenience to clinicians & patients alike.

So Flo and other types of digital delivery will be vital to empower patients and improve the care of their long term conditions – patient self care and their clinical management. Flo helps GPs & nurses in general practice interact with their patients to speed up the anticipatory care they need that should reduce any deterioration of their condition- eg trigger rescue medication for COPD. Or speed up control of their blood pressure, or asthma or diabetes – and thus patients be more likely to stay well and minimise avoidable admissions to hospital.

There will more of a focus on care planning – and Flo telehealth will be useful for interactive messaging between the patient and GP team as well as community nursing teams supporting the patient.

Carers will benefit increasingly from the use of remote care too- as they become more confident to join in the shared management plan for the frail or complex patient that they support.

The increasing focus on integrated care highlights need for digital delivery of care along the patient pathway, focused on the ‘hot spots’ where improved communication between clinicians; and between clinicians and patients and carers, is vital to provide right care at right time by right team at right intensity.

So the momentum to adopt remote monitoring and delivery of care should continue to build, and CCGs continue to implement digital delivery as an essential element of their strategies for planned & unplanned care, and effective general practice provision.