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Simple Telehealth

Flo gets to grips with outpatient pregnancy care


Flo gets to grips with outpatient pregnancy care

Consultant Obstetrician Mr Kim Hinshaw FRCOG, Consultant in Diabetes Dr Rahul Nayer FRCP, Mr Paul Marriott: "Development of a Multi Matrix Multi Partner Telehealth Model in Pregnancy Care in South of Tyne and Wear, UK"


Published at the Kings Fund July 2013 conference, this presentation outlines a pragmatic model for the implementation of telehealth services.  The model uses proven techniques to identify need/pressure points first, then matches an appropriate solution to the need.   The process is overseen by Clinical Consultants and the initial implementation is carefully studied.

The presentation highlights the use of this technique two in two pregnancy pathways: "Mild Pregnancy Induced Hypertension"(PIH) and "Gestational Diabetes" (GD).

PIH: Patients reported a significant shift (+45%) in their feeling of being in control and 100% Excellent/Good rating of the service.

GD: DTSQ results showed high figures for satisfaction, convenience, flexibility with treatment and enhanced understanding of diabetes with all patients.  Saving £1,024/pt/yr through avoided hospital visits.



  • Patient-delivered home monitoring for mild PIH & Gestational Diabetes using tele health technology is deliverable.
  • Pregnant women find the technology easy to use and the concept highly acceptable.
  • Initial data suggest the approach is safe & there may be cost-benefits to the NHS.
  • Assessment of safety, economic benefit & patient acceptability is required within a randomised controlled trial against standard management.

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