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Extended diabetes study validates pilot findings: Flo reduces clinical time by 60% and increases meds compliance by 80% in diabetes study


Extended diabetes study validates pilot findings: Flo reduces clinical time by 60% and increases meds compliance by 80% in diabetes study

The extended May 2012 report from the South East Staffs Community Diabetes Team validates their pilot report by replicating the outcomes with (n=54) new patients. The original pilot, helping diabetes patents to help themselves reports positive initial findings, reducing clinical time, increasing compliance, reducing HBA1c levels and reducing hypoglycaemic attacks, all with a 100% patient satisfaction rating. With an average cost of less than £20 per patient, would you describe this as cost-effective? Let us know.

"Can I please keep Flo, this trial has really helped my control" (Male 45)

Further to a GP led pilot study last year (report here), the South East Staffs Community Diabetes team have independently validated their original findings by replicating the results on a larger scale.

The report covers (n=54) patients of the (n=75) currently using Flo for diabetes with the team.


  • >60% clinical time saving
  • Significant increase in medication compliance
  • >50% of patients had reduced HBA1c levels
  • Significant reduction in number of patients having hypoglycaemic attacks
  • 100% positive patient feedback


In June 2011 the SES Community Diabetes team agreed to be part of a proactive and innovative pilot to remotely monitor the trends in there patients Blood glucose, allowing them to monitor and advise on changes in medication in a proactive manner to retain the stability of their patients diabetes.

The expected outcomes for the pilot were as follows:

  • Reduction in Patient contacts with DSN
  • Reduction in unnecessary hospital admissions
  • Improved HBA1c levels
  • Enhanced patient self management of their diabetes
  • Improved patient experience.

So far 75 SES Diabetes patients have or are currently been managed via the use of Flo.


Prior to the inclusion on the pilot a set of baseline data was collected and as some patients are reaching there 12th week review we have evaluated the findings so far for all individuals enrolled. This data is for the latest 54 completers

There were 5 main areas we investigated;

1 Number of DSN patient contacts (inclusive of phone calls and clinic appointments)

2. Compliance to medication

3. HBA1c levels

4. Hypo’s and Admissions

5. Patient Satisfaction


1. DSN Contacts:

The first Factor baseline was Patient and DSN Contacts and the results are shown in the graph below;

Contacts have significantly reduced via the introduction of text messaging technology, prior to the implementation of Flo the average clinic appointment was 30 mins with each phone call taking an average of 15 minutes.

The total hours spent managing these patients prior to Flo was 90 hours so far, the pilot is showing a reduction in contact time to 32 hours for the evaluation period. So a saving of potentially 58 hours of clinical time.

2. Medication compliance

This measure was discussed by the DSN clinical team who made the judgement of the patient’s compliance prior to initiation on Flo and post involvement

Data shows by remotely monitoring the patients blood glucose readings it has enabled the individual patient to actively self manage there LTC and as a result had increased medication compliance allowing them to stay within the Blood Glucose parameters set for them by their DSN.

For the none compliant patient enrolled, they still remain poorly compliant but this small step is significant progress for an individual who has complex diagnosis.

 3. HBA1c Levels

The HBA1c percentage information is not available for all patients. However for those patients where pre and post involvement HBA1c data is available there has been a reduction in HBA1c levels in 53% of the individuals.

4. Hypo events and admissions

In 9 of the patients selected for the pilot they had frequent hypoglycaemic attacks, since their participation 4 patients have had a hypoglycaemic event however these have been much milder than their usual attacks and managed at home.

More data is required on hospital admissions but early indications show that No one enrolled on STH Flo has had any hospital admissions during their time on Flo.

5. Patient evaluation:

As part of the pilot patients are given a post pilot review questionnaire when they reach 12 weeks.

The questions range from understanding of Flo, privacy, comfort, confidence, self management, and reassurance from Flo. In addition we asked whether patients would like to see Flo as a standard service in the future, and how the service (Flo) supports the current services they receive.

Of the responses to date we have a 100% positive feedback and patients have asked is they can continue to be supported by). 

Some patient comments:

  • Can I please keep Flo this trial has really helped my control” (Male 45)
  • Flo helps me to keep focussed on my glucose levels and is a prompter to remind me to take my readings and has made me more self aware of my diabetes” (Female 76)
  • I feel more confident now, Its helped me to help myself” ( Female 42)

For more information:

Contact:  Hayley Darlington Hayley.Darlington@southstaffspct.nhs.uk