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Simple Telehealth

Dr Mark Foulerton shares his experience of Flo


Dr Mark Foulerton shares his experience of Flo

Interim results on using Flo in general practice for the management of hypertension

Controlling hypertension

Replicated below is content from an independent assessment in Sandwell of Simple Telehealth & Flo in General Practice.

Initial BP high in surgery

"Those patients in whom their initial blood pressure was found to be high in surgery would normally need 2 further confirmatory readings: But, when using Florence at home, the BP was found to be within normal limits. This therefore prevents unnecessary medications from being started, avoids the diagnosis of hypertension, and does not require the patient to make additional appointments at the surgery."


BP readings remaining high in surgery

"Known hypertensive patients where their blood pressure remains high despite medications: At home we have found some of these patients have much lower BP readings than those recorded in surgery, enabling us to actually remove a medication from their repeat prescription. Others are within acceptable limits and no further medications need to be added."

Resistant hypertensive patients

"Those who have high blood pressure which remains high at home whilst using Florence: By monitoring their BP at home it prevents unnecessary appointments, and gives us more accurate, reproducible readings allowing us to adjust medications and arrange blood tests over the telephone."

GP Opinion

"This has been a huge benefit to patients by preventing unnecessary medications being taken and also by reducing the need for them to take time out of work and visit the surgery. I also feel Flo has taken away some of the stress around visiting the surgery to get the blood pressure checked, thereby improving patient's wellbeing and having further positive benefits on BP reduction. However, it is also very apparent that it is of great benefit to the surgery as well. It reduces our prescribing costs, improves access to appointments for other patients, and empowers our patients in looking after their own health."
Dr Mark Foulerton
New Street Surgery, West Bromwich.
Partnerships Lead, Healthworks LCG