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Simple Telehealth

2011: Flo gets smartphone and bluetooth with Whzan via Maps and Apps


2011: Flo gets smartphone and bluetooth with Whzan via Maps and Apps

Feedback from the many teams and patients using Florence tells us that there is no age barrier for Flo and the oldest patient to use the system so far is 90 years of age. 

However a minority of Long Term Conditions patients for many reasons may not own a mobile phone, may not have the dexterity to use one or do not have the confidence to try, but might benefit from telehealth. We set about looking for a way to reach out to these patients.

In August 2011, the Department of Health launched the  crowd source project “Maps and Apps”, inviting  people to submit ideas for new health apps and to highlight their favourite current health app.  Florence was submitted in the favourite category and an idea was placed in the new category for a smartphone app extension for Flo.

Of the ideas submitted, I suspect that the majority will never see the light of day and for those that do, a few will make it to large scale adoption.   However, I am delighted to announce a success story for the Maps and Apps project:-

Whzan also entered a Health app to which I added a comment suggesting that it would be great to link our two systems, thereby giving extra reach for Flo.  Encouraged by South Central SHA (Whzans Innovation partner in the south),  Whzan took on the challenge, got in touch and a few weeks later here we are with a working smartphone/Bluetooth extension for Flo. 

The benefit of this goes way beyond the extension of Flo’s reach.  It allows a patient to have a virtually seamless, quick and easy pathway for cost effective telehealth.  Starting with the ultra low cost services and sharing capabilites of Florence up to the specialist services of Whzan, data can be seen, monitored and alerted on in either system.  This allows patients to step up and down the telehealth pathway where they can receive the most appropriate and cost effective service at any point in the journey.

I would like to thank Dr Shaibal Roy for Maps and Apps, West Midlands SHA and South Central SHA LTC and Innovations teams for their encouragement and support and lastly but certainly not least Whzan for their open approach and putting patients first and helping them to help themselves.